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Readrecall lets you store all your highlights (Kindle, Google Books, or online articles) in one place

Organize, track, and share your notes in one place

We all take notes and highlight the most interesting parts of what we read, but we rarely revisit these highlights. It gets lost, buried under new notes, or forgotten in a rarely visited corner of your mind.

​Readrecall lets you swiftly analyze your highlights (all into one place), and ensures that you'll see and use them. 

How Readrecall works


Sync your highlights from Kindle, Google Books, or online articles.


Review the best parts easily through an Email or Slack


Remember more and grow your knowledge over time

Sync your highlights

Highlights at your fingertips

Get your highlights at your favorite platform. Use filters to choose the schedule and frequency of notifications. Perhaps during morning coffee? Or after dinner?

Get highlights on your email

Get highlights straight on your Slack account

Get highlights straight on your Telegram


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Readrecall helps readers organize their highlights & notes in a single place and help them remember






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